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Sym. Price Chg. Volume
HSO 2.71 0.07 arrow up 41.62m
TLS 5.36 -0.06 arrow down 31.13m
AZJ 5.50 -0.04 arrow down 28.50m
DUE 2.38 -0.06 arrow down 28.49m
SCG 4.03 -0.06 arrow down 21.11m
OSH 8.24 -0.09 arrow down 9.98m
BHP 19.67 -0.04 arrow down 9.85m
WOW 24.38 0.33 arrow up 7.65m
WFD 9.83 -0.11 arrow down 7.01m
QBE 12.43 -0.20 arrow down 6.87m